Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Evaluation and Module Submission

Finals OUGD301

Finalised Briefs and Final Boards

Brief 1: Branding Daniel Chappell

Brief 2: Learn a New Trade: Taxidermy

Brief 3: Leeds Market Re-brand and Way Finding

Brief 4: Plan UK - YCN 'Because I Am A Girl' Campaign

Brief 5: Typosgraphe - Collaboration

Additional Briefs
Brief 6: Prospectus Concept Pitch

Brief 7: MHG Filming

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Board Covers

I wanted to create A3 covers. 
So I designed them to be relevant to the brief .., After printing I realised that it has completely separated all of my boards and made them look like they don't belong together. So I am going to print some simple ones uses the same typefaces and layout as my submissions forms and boards. 
I must remind myself that over complicating things just looks messy.
Below is a pdf of what I printed:

Here are my new improved ones:

A lot better and much more neutral. It works well with my CD case and I love the natural feel of stock. The sizes are A5 folded so a buldog clip can group the boards.

Tomorrow I will print A6 versions to group together my print hand ins. I will also make a band to fasten around my Timeline Typosgraphe Poster.

I am very happy with my branding and know they look way more professional than my original ideas. I am trying to be more organised.

Printed all of my boards!

MHG additional brief

I wasn't originally going to submit this as a brief, because I didn't know how substancial it was. I realised that I worked on the concept for filming, I filmed that took a full day and help organize things. Will a little extra work I knew I could use this. 

MHG have been together since 2010, Daniel Chappell is the drummer. Every time I have been to see them play they have never had any printed hand outs for the audience and only have a Facebook account that they didn't use that much. 

As well as filming, we set up a twitter account and used the photography from the filming as a temporary brand. I decided to design them some business cards and small handouts. They have a important gig tomorrow at Bruddenell and it would be great for them to have information to hand out.

The hand out is 9cmx 9cm a nice back pocket size. Links to their website, twitter and Facebook  with photographs and information about past releases. I think the design works well and the variety of colour makes them more valuable. Me personally I like to get handmade promotion. 

The business cards use the same pastel stock. I chose these colours because their music is soundtrack music, very relaxing and tranquil. I wanted to print onto something different to show them off. I am proud of the outcomes and I hope the band like them.

Making and finals of business cards and hand-outs.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Taxidermy Website


I needed to chose web fonts for my proposed Taxidermy website. I wanted a serif and sans serif font similar to the print versions. I decided on Georgia as it is a very common font and has a similar curve as Garamond. I chose Corbel in replacement for gotham because it is a fairly new font and the closed I could find to the large circle shape counters. 

I emulated the design of the publication onto the web layout.
The website would be used as a news feed and a community where audiences can voice their opinions and share their experiences of the trade subject. 

I am very proud of these two pages I designed. I feel it is enough to get a idea of what the live website would look like. On the whole I have really enjoyed this brief, every part of it was interesting to me. 

Thursday, 6 December 2012

box-head* boards

This was going to be one of my additional briefs, but I have also created a massive Map of the whole of Leeds for them as well so I would like to submit them together when they are both fully finished. I know I will feel more satisfied when everything has a complete range. Right now I don't have enough time to make it great. 
I also can't blog about this brief at all, so I'll wait until later.

Plan Uk website and video proposal

This took so much longer than I wanted it to, and so much effort. I feel since I have learnt the basics of film I see design in a different way. When I look at a problem know I feel confident enough to promise any media, video and website.

This below is my initial idea for the videos. I wanted to make the audience feel a bond between the girl and themselves, pulling them in emotionally means they would be more likely to give and share the campaign with other. However I used the brand identity of Plan Uk and I feel this is wrong, the campaign should have a different style that accompanies the existing brand of the over arching charity.

I wanted to use grey as a way of focusing the audience onto just the words of the girls stories, there will be moments in the film that are blank image with just spoken type across the bottom. The filming of the girls will be direct and they will look straight into the camera lens to connect with the views. 


I had a idea of what I wanted the website to look like. I knew I wanted a large image to create the background, but I couldn't find a good quality image within the topic of happy poverty girls. I took this this background image from a existing website. I would like the images that would be used on the website to be a group of girls or poverty people from around the world, each website page would be a different location. The people would not be looking into the camera, but would be in the background creating a landscape with no up close detail.

The proposed website works well to create a community with the 'Because I Am A Girl Campaign' supporters. I think the brand is current, but not too girly.

because i am a girl

event mock-up,
doll card proposal

Dan's Final Website

After spending ages deliberating on Dan's website I came back to it with a fresh pair of eyes. Ater looking back I realised that there was no need for the mint green colour. I wanted the strip everything back to grey, white and black. 
So I changed the colours and added a image od Dan's face for the about page. the image is taken from The MHG filming. I then mocked it up on a Imac to put it into context. I will pick a couple for my final boards.  I now feel I know the basics of web design and I can't wait to learn some more.

Final Mock Up

Typosgraphe Boards

final Boards


I just need to: 
put in designs of the issue covers Fisherman and Horology,
design a website 2 pages.


Leeds Market

Needs to do:
Finish way-finding,
Apply branding to Promotion and stationary.

If I can't finish this, I will loose the last board, because I have nearly completed the Way-finding.